Thank you to everyone working to bring positive change to Cochise County government. The deadline for getting signatures to recall Tom Crosby passed, and we fell short of the required number of signatures. However, we accomplished a great deal, and our work is not done!

The next steps of this work center around bringing more integrity in Cochise County government. This includes spreading the word about new candidates including (Ret.) Colonel Theresa Walsh for BOS District 1.

Check the map to see which Board of Supervisors district you’re in for Cochise County.

Tom Crosby represents District 1, but his actions affect all Cochise County taxpayers. The other BOS representatives are important too. Find out who you representative is, see what they’re doing, learn about the candidates for the next election, and get informed about who can represent you best.

Here is the wording of the recall petition, which summarizes some of the reasons that Tom Crosby does not represent Cochise County well and should be stopped:

Cochise County Supervisor Tom Crosby violated his oath of office and attempted to obstruct our county’s election processes. He defied the order of an Arizona Superior Court judge by refusing to certify our county’s 2022 election. This would have disenfranchised more than 47,000 county voters. He interfered with election officials, ignored legal advice of our county attorney, and promoted an illegal hand count of 100% of ballots. He violated multiple Arizona Title 16 statutes regarding elections. These actions resulted in unwarranted expenses to taxpayers. Supervisor Crosby is unfit to continue in his elected position and should be recalled.